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A Neighbourhood website is a FREE interactive community communication tool,  like a FREE Neighbourhood newspaper, but completely interactive 24/7.

The site is developed and then it’s 100% maintained by the staff at “InMyNeighbourhood”.
New features and content are constantly updated or added as they become available or are requested
by the sponsor or residents of a Neighbourhood.

All information or links submitted are previewed by staff to ensure safe, non-objectionable content
prior to upload. Neighbourhoods are about families and 

Each Neighbourhood is assigned it’s own unique URL, based on it’s  geographic location, it’s easily identified and is often the name under which the area was developed by the builder. Many times the name is clearly identified on the entrance gates to the subdivision and this name is incorporated into the unique URL, whenever possible.

The site becomes the recognized go to Information source and Voice of the Neighbourhood.

The site is introduced to the residents, and at all times it is FREE for residents to Post, Share or Search.

The site is funded and maintained through a sponsorship program with a local business, whose interactive logo and contact info appears on the base of each page and usually includes a dedicated Sponsor page where the Sponsor
can highlight his Services.

Residents use the site to share information and services, to post their home businesses, check out services offered within their Neighbourhood and its a great source of one stop shopping for links to Municipal, Recreational, Social and educational services offered within or to the Neighbourhood.

The content of our sites is focused on families and is “local information” only, designed to give the residents as much information along with the outside forces which impact their particular neighbourhood. 

We welcome all submissions that will add to the wealth of information provided on our sites.

How can Residents use their Neighbourhood Site?

  • Post your home Business — include: logo, contact information, links to your business.
  • Find out what services your Neighbours offer — tutors, handyman, dog walking, daycare, music lessons, etc.
  • Sell your surplus, with attached pictures, through ads or garage sales.
  • Share sports teams stats, successes, fund raisers and photos.
  • Find Things to Do and Places to Go.
  • Check out all your surrounding Municipal Activities and Special Events.
  • Share Photos of your Neighbourhood.
  • Introduce yourself to your Neighbours.
  • Share News — births, deaths, anniversaries, graduations, special accomplishments etc.
  • Share Neighbourhood or Community News — fund raisers, street parties, kids activities, etc.
  • Start a homeowner’s association.
  • Voice any Neighbourhood concerns or warnings.
  • Find area associations, get involved.
  • Share hobbies or interests and seek out like mined residents
  • Hook up with golf, tennis, running, walking or fitness buddies.
  • Post any services you would like to offer to neighbours – babysitting, tax prep, fix it’s, etc.
  • Keep up-to-date on schools, boundaries and busing.
  • Find local resources — walk-in-clinics, 24 hr drug stores, Municipal & Government Services.
  • Find or share Favorite Links or Apps.
  • Ask for help in finding lost Puppies or Kittens.
  • Find Neighbourhood Real Estate Information.
  • Simply Post a Holiday Greeting to your Neighbours.

The Possibilities are Endless !

It’s a win-win for both Sponsor and Neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood gets a FREE hi-tech way to interact and keep up-to-date on community happenings.

The Sponsor gets a way to promote their business by offering the residents this free service throughout that neighbourhood 24/7.