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Research done by the Online Neighbourhood Networks Study has determined that Neighbourhood Websites serve to enhance the sense of belonging, democratic influence, neighbourliness and involvement in their area. Participants claim more positive attitudes toward public agencies where representatives of those agencies are engaging online. Government Councils are finding Neighbourhood Networks to be increasingly effective tools for engaging with residents and delivering services.

Neighbourhood Sites can awaken community involvement
Among findings reported by Residents who use these sites:

  • 95% feel more informed about the Neighbourhood
  • 92% feel that useful information gets shared efficiently
  • 82% feel that people pull together to improve the Neighbourhood
  • 69% feel an increased sense of belonging within the Neighbourhood

Finding quality, timely and accessible LOCAL information is a daunting task in our current environment of faltering traditional media and the overwhelming availability of unfiltered, world wide internet information and the proliferation of new online only businesses.

For the Sponsor:

  • Promoting to your target market 24/7
  • Chatting to homeowners about a FREE service opens more doors than traditional business solicitation.
  • Innovative use of Internet.
  • Brand yourself in a target area while building rapport with residents.
  • Easy to promote! By initially combining sponsorship of a Neighbourhood with traditional marketing techniques such as flyers
    or signs, the users on the sites will grow to eventually make environmentally unfriendly junk mail a thing of the past.
  • Email marketing campaigns are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
  • It’s a fabulous, effective way to gather homeowner email addresses within a specific target market, with their permission to
    advertise to them.
  • Homeowners can request your service 24 hours a day through a direct-to-you, online request form.
  • Less expensive than regular, traditional monthly newspaper ads.
  • Safe content — our staff previews all submissions and links for any objectionable content prior to uploading to the site.
  • Provides useful every day information.
  • Simplicity: there are no banners, flashy ads or pop ups, the sites are clean, easy to navigate and completely
    free of any ads which are not LOCALLY submitted.

For the Neighbourhood Residents:

  • Sites are completely FREE to the residents.
  • The information and links are all Local.
  • One stop shopping for Local Businesses and Resources.
  • Residents can interactively share in their neighbourhood by connecting and posting on their site.
  • Residents can post any articles they have for sale and search any products they are searching for.
  • New neighbours can introduce themselves and quickly connect with kindred souls.
  • Find Local real Estate Information.
  • Locate Associations and Clubs.
  • FREE venue to share your hobbies or seek out other hobbyists.
  • FREE venue to post your own home business or locate convenient home businesses within your Neighbourhood.
  • Learn about Community Impact issues.
  • Learn about your Neighbourhoods history.
  • Rate Payers Groups, Schools and non-profit organizations are encouraged to participate in neighbourhood sites, increasing community involvement and awareness. Individual pages can be turned on for such organizations.
  • Neighbours can endorse Local businesses, making hiring Local services easier and less stressful.
  • Sites are clean and easy to navigate.

Turn our Neighbourhoods into “OLDE FASHIONED” Caring and Sharing Neighbourhoods

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