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Marketing a business has changed significantly with the proliferation of computers, Tablets and Smart phones.
Old style marketing is a thing of the past, consumers are tech savvy and embrace the convenience of comparison shopping, browsing for services and online sales.

 Families do their browsing for services online in their off hours, which also often happen to be hours when traditional businesses are closed.
Today’s busy families want fast, easy access to information with 1 stop shopping.
Families do not want their quality time interrupted by sales people or telemarketers.
Families receive so much junk mail that it is a proven statistic that it goes in the trash beside the
community mail box and rarely makes it into their home.

Businesses need to use up-to-date marketing techniques to be considered a leading edge company
by today’s consumers.

Growing Business in Today’s Market is a Tough Process
Quick Stats on Online Useage:

There are over 1 Billion online searches each month (comscore)
73% of activity online is related to “local content” searches (google 07)
54% of internet users have substituted internet searches for the phone book (comscore)
70% of online users use local searches before committing to an offline business.
Online shopping is predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017.
Online search activity doubles after becoming a Mom (Truth about Moms)
Adults over 50 years comprise 1/3 of internet users (emarketer)
A study by Outbrain shows searchers drive traffic to content-rich sites, beating social media by 300%
Today’s businesses need to market their services to their prospective customers in a manner
which is in keeping within the technology of the times and the habits of the residents within their target Neighbourhood.

Sponsoring a Neighbourhood is A Hi-Tech Business Marketing Solution that sets you apart from your competition.

Sponsoring a Neighbourhood in your target market service area, will brand you as the go-to service provider for the area.  A sponsor information banner, with interactive links is prominent at the bottom of each page of the site, subliminally putting your business in the minds of all the residents, each time they log onto the site, browse or contribute content.

Your business information will be constantly in front of your target market.

This sponsorship is a perfect marketing tool for professionals who would like to communicate with a specific target market 24/7 while providing that market with a valuable FREE interactive tool to connect with each other and form a unique neighbourhood bond.

There is a dedicated sponsor page on each site that allows the sponsor to feature the benefits of their business, offer discounts, sales and feature products.  

Homeowners can request your service 24 hours a day through a direct-to-you, online request form.

Homeowners will be virtually inviting you into their home every time they log onto their Neighbourhood website.

Chatting to homeowners about a FREE service opens more doors than any other market solicitation.

Sponsorship of a Neighbourhood is open to any business, organization or Individual who wishes to promote within that Neighbourhood.

Sponsorship is available on a first come, first serve basis on a minimum 1 year renewable contract period, with guaranteed first right of refusal on subsequent years. You cannot be bumped from sponsorship of a particular Neighbourhood

100% of all updates and maintenance are the responsibility of the staff at “InMyNeighbourhood”.

The site is no maintenance for the sponsor, leaving sponsors free to focus on their core business.

All posts to the site are submitted via email, previewed for content and uploaded to the site.
The sponsor receives copies of each and every post on an ongoing basis. Homeowners will be offering you their name, address, phone and email and allowing you to market your service.

There are very few ways to effectively, interactively target market a specific area, gathering contact information towards future cost effective email campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

By initially combining sponsorship of a Neighbourhood with traditional marketing techniques such as flyers or signs, the usership on the sites will grow to eventually make environmentally unfriendly junk mail a thing of the past.

Today’s businesses need a venue that shows your commitment to the Neighbourhoods and the people that you service.

Ads and Newspapers are a dying media!
Internet marketing is here! Take your business to the next generation

In My Neighbourhood | Sponsorship Benefits

Research done by the Online Neighbourhood Networks Study has determined that Neighbourhood Websites serve to enhance the sense of belonging, democratic influence, neighbourliness and involvement in their area. Participants claim more positive attitudes toward public agencies where representatives of those agencies are engaging online. Government Councils are finding Neighbourhood Networks to be increasingly effective tools for engaging with residents and delivering services.

Neighbourhood Sites can awaken community involvement
Among findings reported by Residents who use these sites:

  • 95% feel more informed about the Neighbourhood
  • 92% feel that useful information gets shared efficiently
  • 82% feel that people pull together to improve the Neighbourhood
  • 69% feel an increased sense of belonging within the Neighbourhood

Finding quality, timely and accessible LOCAL information is a daunting task in our current environment of faltering traditional media and the overwhelming availability of unfiltered, world wide internet information and the proliferation of new online only businesses.

For the Sponsor:

  • Promoting to your target market 24/7
  • Chatting to homeowners about a FREE service opens more doors than traditional business solicitation.
  • Innovative use of Internet.
  • Brand yourself in a target area while building rapport with residents.
  • Easy to promote! By initially combining sponsorship of a Neighbourhood with traditional marketing techniques such as flyers
    or signs, the users on the sites will grow to eventually make environmentally unfriendly junk mail a thing of the past.
  • Email marketing campaigns are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.
  • It’s a fabulous, effective way to gather homeowner email addresses within a specific target market, with their permission to
    advertise to them.
  • Homeowners can request your service 24 hours a day through a direct-to-you, online request form.
  • Less expensive than regular, traditional monthly newspaper ads.
  • Safe content — our staff previews all submissions and links for any objectionable content prior to uploading to the site.
  • Provides useful every day information.
  • Simplicity: there are no banners, flashy ads or pop ups, the sites are clean, easy to navigate and completely
    free of any ads which are not LOCALLY submitted.

For the Neighbourhood Residents:

  • Sites are completely FREE to the residents.
  • The information and links are all Local.
  • One stop shopping for Local Businesses and Resources.
  • Residents can interactively share in their neighbourhood by connecting and posting on their site.
  • Residents can post any articles they have for sale and search any products they are searching for.
  • New neighbours can introduce themselves and quickly connect with kindred souls.
  • Find Local real Estate Information.
  • Locate Associations and Clubs.
  • FREE venue to share your hobbies or seek out other hobbyists.
  • FREE venue to post your own home business or locate convenient home businesses within your Neighbourhood.
  • Learn about Community Impact issues.
  • Learn about your Neighbourhoods history.
  • Rate Payers Groups, Schools and non-profit organizations are encouraged to participate in neighbourhood sites, increasing community involvement and awareness. Individual pages can be turned on for such organizations.
  • Neighbours can endorse Local businesses, making hiring Local services easier and less stressful.
  • Sites are clean and easy to navigate.

Turn our Neighbourhoods into “OLDE FASHIONED” Caring and Sharing Neighbourhoods

In My Neighbourhood | Sponsorship Pricing

Sponsorship of a Neighbourhood is based on a 1-year Contract as the exclusive Sponsor.

The current Sponsor has first right of refusal on subsequent years as Sponsor. One monthly Sponsorship for each Neighbourhood covers all updates & postings, unique URL, ongoing site maintenance and technical enhancements.

The sizes of Neighbourhoods for sponsorship purposes fall into small, medium and large, based on the number of Residences.
The cost of monthly Interactive, Sponsorship is less than the cost of a single regular non-interactive newspaper ad.

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In My Neighbourhood

Your Neighbourhood website has been designed to have a clean ,friendly look .
The pages have been designed to be viewed at a glance so as to see the news, activities or services without having to click multiple times to get the information you’re looking for.

All submissions to the site are previewed before they are uploaded to ensure that all content is safe and appropriate. This website may contain links or pointers to information created and maintained by other organizations. We are not responsible for the content of these linked websites and do not control or guarantee their accuracy or reliability.

By submitting information to this Free site, you agree that the sponsor may contact you and send marketing & update info from time to time.

In My Neighbourhood | The Origin Story

Established 2003

This Network of Neighbourhood websites is dedicated to the memory of Brandyn Miller.
Brandyn was a young man with a talent for anything computer related. He originally developed his first Neighbourhood site in late 2002, in response to a request from his mom Suzanne, an area Realtor.

She was looking for a way to reach out and give something back to the Neighbourhoods that had supported her as a Realtor. A way to give them something of value that would draw them together as Neighbours and give them a “One Stop Shopping” venue to search for services and activities, as well as promote awareness of the help, service and assistance that she, as their Realtor could offer.

Brandyn developed the first site in 2002. The feedback was great and he went on to develop, host and maintain a group of sites in the Newmarket /Aurora area, teaching his mom how to update the ongoing posts which the residents submitted to their Neighbourhood site.

It was highly successful and the neighbours began sending thank you emails and enjoying this free local venue for the posting of their home businesses, hobbies or activities and simply connecting with what was going on in their neighbourhood.

Brandyn accomplished all this while he was awaiting a double lung and heart transplant
to correct a birth defect.

He hoped that when he got well, he could turn this Neighbourhood group into a much larger Network that could benefit many more Neighbourhoods and by pursuing area businesses as sponsors, he would have the beginnings of a wonderful service business that could also accommodate his health issues.

On May 16th 2005, Brandyn received his transplant call. He was so optimistic and excited that he would finally have a chance for the new life he dreamed of.

Sadly, Brandyn did not survive the surgery and passed away on May 17th, 2005.
However, he had done such a great job of building his network of servers running in Mom’s basement that the sites ran trouble free, with mom continuing the updates until late Fall 2014.

By that time, the software that the sites were running on was no longer supported and it was necessary to rewrite the sites and find them a new hosting facility.

Suzanne and Brandyn’s sister Tiffany were determined that his legacy must continue. Nine years of running virtually by themselves was a sign that they were meant to be.
The sites are being updated into WordPress and the first group is being  reintroduced in their new format, in early 2016

The goal of Suzanne and Tiffany is to turn this Network into the business that Brandyn envisioned,
so that his dream lives on, even though he does not.

One special angel is definitely smiling down on your Neighbourhood families.
Please support InMyNeighbourhood.

Brandyn Miller- Founder

Brandyn Miller- April 20, 1979 – May 17, 2005
Brandyn was the visionary, who developed not only the concept for these sites but the original sites, their launch and management. Sadly Brandyn passed away during a long-awaited Heart/Lung transplant before he could totally develop this business into the concept it is today. 

Tiffany Miller- President

Tiffany is a graduate of Humber College

Suzanne Miller- Development

Suzanne is also a graduate of Humber College, she has been a successful realtor for 29 years, since 1987, she currently sells for Sutton Group Future in Newmarket. She has an established client base that allows her to pick and choose the amount of time spent on her real estate career and of course has spent much of the last year and a half working towards this current goal. 

Gord Krull- Sales & Marketing

Gord is Suzanne’s partner and he has a background that includes developing, owning and running a successful graphic arts business in the City of Toronto, past president of the Typographic association and an entrepreneur in the marketing field. 

Jeff Goebel

Owner of – Jeff has been the catalyst for the new format of the sites, he manages the hosting, software management and directs the new development strategies.